• The brains of adult men are about 10% larger in total size than the brains of women. Because men generally have a larger stature and more muscle mass than women, their brains require more neurons to control the body.
  • Approximately 56% of boy babies born in the U.S. are circumcised at birth, representing a decline of 20% since 1950. Worldwide, approximately one-third of men have been circumcised
  • Boys are approximately three times more likely to be diagnosed with attention deficit disorder (ADD) or attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) than girls are
  • Men are nearly three times more likely than women to abuse alcohol and twice as likely to abuse recreational drugs like marijuana and cocaine.
  • HAlF of all women who die from homicide are killed by there current partner or ex partner
  • fat men are the happier men
  • Men waste thousands of gallons of fuel every year, driving around while not asking for directions.
  • You can praise them, but go easy on the pedal or Mr. Stud muffin will puff up like a peacock