Baby Dies From STD Meningitis

   This is very sad and disheartening someone so young and parents so new lost a child, because someone with a virus kissed their 18 day old child. Two people celebrating a wedding after having a new born child. Happiest moments in life celebrated so close together and then suddenly it all comes to a stop. You can read the full story here .

This story was shared due to the Usher story the other day. If you haven’t read it click here. If you know you have a STD don’t let people know educate yourself on what you have, and what your spreading around, the effects it can have on others. People shouldn’t have to be suffering their child’s short life due to someone infected and not thinking or caring.  That goes for your sexual encounters as well. DON’T SPREAD SHIT BECAUSE YOU ARE HAVING FUN, DRUNK WHAT EVER. IT’S IMMATURE AND GROSS AND IRRESPONSIBLE.

            “Mariana Sifrit developed meningitis caused by HSV-1, the same virus that causes cold sores, despite both of her parents testing negative for the virus”. Reported on inside edition . 

     This is normally something from oral contact, oral to oral. Being just a few days old, the immune system wasn’t strong enough to fight off any sort of infection. Once again EDUCATE YOURSELF.