This is something some may argue and some will blatantly say no. Do you think men and women can be only friends? I used to hate when any girl would say, “I just get along better with guys naturally”. In my mind, she instantly became an in denial hoe. Your parents don’t believe that and neither do we.

I grew up the only girl, raised by my father and two brothers one older and one younger. I didn’t have all guy Friends, I didn’t get along with them better. Having brothers one older and one younger probably made me not like them even more.  I love my brothers past death, and we get along very well but you would never find me around a bunch of guys because  they are less drama, they aren’t cry babies, and they don’t care who I’m spending more time with (girls totally trip off stupid stuff sometimes) I kinda brought up in a sense, of go play with the girls.The boys go play with the boys. Maybe because my little sister is so much younger than me I was happy to have some girl friends around. The same way I was brought up. I’m sure has a lot to do with societies way of thinking.  That it’s not normal nor acceptable and especially while married or in a relationship. Having a close friend of the opposite sex isn’t appropriate.

I can say yes these are possible relationships to have, I Have a male friend now pretty close and we are only friends. based off so many different things just for me to think it’s possible. You have to think once you’re around a person a lot something rather you want to admit it or no develops. You get along so well because of chemistry a, mutual interest, personality, who knows. Plus friendship is the heart of the beginning.

Girls may be able to just be a guys friend, but there are so many studies showing guys liking the girl or thinking more of the friendship than it really is. I must agree with HARVEY after listening to it and thinking of male friends most of at least.  This is how they turn them selves into the FRIEND WITH BENEFITS if you haven’t read that article check it out.


  1. The best way to keep your friendship strong without falling in love is to have a control and also trust towards your friendship. If you love her , be frank enough to inform her. A bestfriend can never be replaced by a gf or bf. So please be sure that your one step won’t break your friendship

  2. Yes, why not. Girls are boys can be bestfriends. The best is me and my bestie. He is my bestfriend but we don’t love him in such a way.Even he loves me but not as a lover. He loves me more than my boyfriend but still he is not my bf. He is like my guardian angel. Everyone always asks us whether we are bf and gf and when we say we aren’t, they won’t believe us.

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