Guys can be so stupid sometimes I swear! You guys give us the game and wonder how you get caught up, HALF OF YOU ARE GAME GOOFY. Ok let’s talk about me for example I always get in a relationship and the guy is jealous of my phone. Yes my phone ! I guess because I do the guy Siri with an accent and all …. Honestly I HAVE NO FUCKIN IDEA. POSSIBLY BECAUSE IT VIBRATES, NO I’M KIDDING. I have no idea. But they get jealous

The thing about me is if i’m on my phone in front of you, its also what i do when i’m not around you. I hate when i can see someone online like on messenger or something, and they are always online. Their phone be doing hella shit. When you guess are together GRANTED i respect that you are respecting our time together. BUUUUT when you turn your phone off, have it hella far, or on silent but take it when you go to the bathroom, i cant respect that. I feel like your are hiding something and you are doing shit when you are away from me that you wouldn’t do in front of me.

If you have children, family, a job, responsibilities hell a crazy neighbor i don’t know, I feel like keep your phone on, you never know what could possibly be happening or who needs you. KEEP YOUR PHONE ON. ID RATHER NOT BE THAT PART OF YOUR STORY WHEN SOMETHING MAJOR HAPPENED AND YOU WERE WITH ME AND YOUR PHONE WAS OFF. I have kids and best believe I’m keeping mine on and I’m texting my kids back all night if they need mommy!

We notice when you do different shit, and when shit is being done differently. We notice that its certain times you don’t answer our calls, thanks for helping us peep game.