This is something we can all identify with.I like to get things off my chest and sometimes it’s just for the sake of letting it out, telling someone my frustration or feelings whatever it may be, I  OCCASIONALLY NEED TO GET IT OFF MY CHEST. Sometimes we just need you to listen. Don’t judge whoever the story is about, don’t tell me that sometimes I can be this or that. Clearly we trust you and value a relationship so much, that this had to be put out there, this isn’t something we can NOTHINGS WRONG IM FINE TOO.
As women and having this issue with men before, well even women do it to. I can say for myself, I know you  men want to make the situation better, I know as a man it’s your natural instinct to want to fix things, repair all that you can to make them better. You want to provide a solution to us a quick fix . We totally appreciate the ability to want to repair but sometimes let us tell you so you know what page we are on, and just maybe we want to show you we can fix as well. We know what your capable of . We don’t want that all the time. Yes it’s confusing and yes it will be a time you just listen and we wanted your input. We are difficult, and barely know what we want until we know what we don’t want. However communication is always key. If you are unsure as to what we want or what are needs are its ok to  say, “is this one of those things you want me to listen to, or input”?


  1. You really make it seem really easy together with your presentation however I to find this matter to be actually something that I feel I’d by no means understand. But was it the nail she said

  2. Listen to others. That’s the best part. Thanks for this wonderful post. This was a great tip for me. I could sort out the problems between my friend and her boyfriend. Thanks a lot.

  3. This was really amazing post. Communication is the most important part in every relationship, be it your partner or your bestfriend. I don’t have a boyfriend but I do have a bestfriend, who is my life. Nowadays we are having some issues. We are not talking to eachother. It was all because of our ego. We both have too much ego. But now, Iam gonna keep my ego aside and gonna talk to him. Communication is the most essential part in a relationship

  4. I never had any issues with my boy friend. But still it is really useful as I can keep this in mind and if we ever get into a fight, I can remember the writings in it. The main thing which binds us is communication itself. So even I recommend everyone to have good communication with your partner. Thanks for this wonderful post.

  5. That’s really useful post. The issues arise due to lack of communication, ego problems etc. In my life, it was ego. He was too egoish. He couldn’t even talk to me first after a fight. It was always me who did. But not anymore. This post was helpful for me. Thankyou

  6. It was really helpful for me. I was having some issues with my boyfriend. We didn’t talk for a week. I read this post and shared it in fb and after that he messaged me and everything got fine between us.

  7. Iam a divorcee and I can understand it well better than anyone else. Once you lose your feelings for him, its all over. It can never be regained. Trust is most essential part in relationship along with communication. The moment we lose one of this, the relationship is no more alive.

  8. The main problems which occurs in relationship is due to lack of communication. No one is ready to listen to others. It is very important to understand the other person’s pointbof view.

  9. Very well interpreted about the mind of a woman, how she feels, how she want someone to just listen to her. Nice post

  10. Yes, communication is always the key. Even I believe that communication keeps the relationship alive.

  11. It’s really true. Being a women, even I feel frustrated sometimes. Iam having some issues with my husband which cannot be fixed easily.

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