Keeping The Flame Lit

5 Tips to Promote Intimacy and Love in Marriage

Here are some tips to keep the flame lit after marriage.

Many married couples start their marriages when they are very close together in love but as time passes by, isolation sets in and their love diminishes slowly. This article provides 5 tips to promote intimacy and love in a marriage relationship. These include: sharing a smile, verbalizing love, sharing gifts, complementing each other and becoming transparent to each other.

Sharing a smile with your spouse communicates tons of words. A smile reduces pressure and stress that the recipient may be experiencing. It sends a simple message that someone loves and cares despite all the surrounding hardships. It goes deeper and reaches where money or other material things cannot. Even if the whole world is not concerned, the awareness of the presence of a caring spouse makes all the difference. A genuine simile is simple but weighs a lot. So share a smile with your loved one and it will result into incredible results regarding your intimacy.

All the married people, especially women, feel extremely happy and become more loving to their husbands when they are told a simple word “I love you sweat heart”. The word weighs more to the wife and increases her faith, security and confidence in her husband. She would rather miss a meal or a dollar than that verbal affirmation of love from the husband. You can give her everything she needs to mean love and care but she wants to hear that word “love” from the ‘horse’s’ very mouth. A man may tend to ignore this aspect but it very important and means a lot to the woman. Verbalizing your love deepens your intimacy.

A gift communicates a lot and keeps ringing in the ears of the receiver for so many years. It does not have to be so big. A card, a small photo, or wood caving can do. Remember those important days such as birthdays or anniversaries and share gifts. Remember the hands that give are the ones that receive. You may give a small gift to your spouse but in turn receive great rewards! Do you want to be intimate to your spouse? Share a gift today and you will be surprised!

Always look at the positive aspects and praise your spouse. These may include “Thank you honey”; “You are smart this morning dad”; “I like the way you smile” and so on. This enhances his/her self esteem and confidence thus promoting intimacy in a relationship. Do these sincerely several times a day and many days in a week to increase the level of intimacy in your marriage. If there is any misunderstanding between the two of you, it should be solved amicably and in love. Avoid criticisms because they increase isolation and tend to destroy marriages.

Being yourself and speaking the truth to each other increase confidence, security and trust between the two of you. There is nothing you can hide from the person who sees you the way you were created. Many families live in constant conflicts resulting from lack of transparency especially in financial matters. One time, a certain wife saw her husband going across the road in a town. She called him using a mobile phone to solve an urgent problem which was at home. Unfortunately the man replied that he was very far away and was to come back after the next two days! The husband came back that very night. It is therefore essential to become transparent and speak the truth to one another in order to enhance intimacy and love in marriage