I think we are  teaching kids the wrong things when it comes to life. We teach our children in school sex education. Well how to prevent certain things when it comes to sex, such as an unwanted pregnancy, a std. Preventable measures and what std looks like, how to get condoms and so forth. I believe a big part of sex education that is missing is what should be a prerequisite RELATIONSHIPS. Whats a good relationship, how to maintain a relationship and what love is or should or can be.

We allow the media to teach our children what a relationship is. We let the media show some young girl meeting the man of her dreams and he sweeps her off her feet and book she is off to her happily ever after. THE TROUBLE WITH INSTANT GRATIFICATION the idea in the media — in movies, in TV shows, in popular culture — of this instantaneous, instant-gratification the of love, as opposed to that slow building that it takes to create a lasting relationship. We look for the status to be liked, and  tweet to be retweeted, its gives us a sense of acceptance. The same goes with the dating sites, double click and you feel good to the point you keep looking for more Instant likes

They don’t see the work that is put into making a relationship work. As adults we don’t talk about failed relationships. We stay on the one relationship we are in or they know of. If we never tell them they will be lead to disappointment. They will follow society and relationships are going to be a facebook status one day and gone the next. We don’t talk about divorce because as an adult we think of it as failure. We don’t tell kids that people change and evolve or maybe some people grow out of another. We can’t allow a generation to believe that relationships are easy to obtain and keep. EVERYTHING TAKES WORK WORK AN MORE WORK.

The way society is now kids don’t have to do half the things that were done back years ago, meeting parents, holding a genuine conversation. Technology has mad relationships broke relationships, and have given people every reason to believe its okay to walk away from a relationship by not answering a text message, ignoring phone calls just doing things in a uncommon cowardly way. WE HAVE TO TEACH THESE THINGS OR THE NEWEST APP will be the start of the beginning or end of a relationship story.

Technology and this day and age of someones views on relationships are way out of reach from reality. If you can’t find someone don’t lower your standards, don’t close your eyes to red flags. People aren’t ghosting you because of you its the instant like they get or the thrill of thinking its more to a text emoji then a one on one conversation.