Ten or fifteen years in the past, know one hadn’t even heard of let alone thought of anything called “social media.” However now, it’s an essential part of most everyone’s life, particularly with the younger crowd. The older generation is popping up one friend request at a time.Yes its fun and enjoyable for the most part.Who would have ever thought that it would have such as effect on relationships.

Gone are the times of calling your boyfriend or girlfriend’s home and having their mother and father pick up the phone and you get all nervous, and then hearing in the background “your little friend on the phone’ hurry up i’m expecting a call”. . Nowadays kid will never,experience that it’s all about messaging one another on social media or through text message.I remember my dad telling my and my brothers how rude it was to just say is blah blah there, we had to respectfully say hello mr/mrs (or who ever picked up the phone) may i speak to blah blah.So many things we won’t get to teach due to the times of technology. (THINK ABOUT IT DOES YOUR KID KNOW WHAT A HOUSE PHONE OR EXTENSION CORD HELL EVEN A VCR IS) You wouldn’t think that it has created such a impact on relationships but to me it has. Let’s have a look, beginning with what’s good about social media and relationships.


Social media keeps you in contact with people you would probably be trying to google because white pages hardly exist anymore. Family members are there. You can go visit grandma and keep her up to date showing off family members pictures. You get that family update  even though you keep forgetting to call. All the birthdays that would have slipped your mind are in your notifications first thing in the morning. Its so easy to access and it takes a second to briefly check out your timeline.Find out everything from who won a sports game, to dui check points to who is having a baby.

Now lets see the not so great about social media. Where to start with this one, how about the content that is taking to literal and your status update was read the wrong way. It also gives people some sort of psychic powers to read into what your posting. It creates the worst ever gossipers, people just make up shit. Then believe it or paint your life how they interpret it then tell so and so who doesn’t have facebook about that created life they made for you.

You can’t always say how you feel, I know some things i want to but i don’t. Due to the fact my family can see, or being that im a manager, and it just so happen a employee found me on some social site, I can’t always post exactly what I want. (GOTTA LEAD BY EXAMPLE RIGHT)or I normally don’t have the potty mouth in person that’s so easily typed rather then spoken.You may have that one family member that’s um yeah YOUR oh so lucky to have as a family member.. I SAY THAT WITH THE MOST SARCASTIC VOICE EVER

Social media creates about hmm lets try not to be dramatic,(i’m known for it) ill just say….. a million fake people who are all about that” insta  FAMOUS life”. The ones that forget that people really know them, out side of social media. It gives  people an outlet and although some stuff shouldn’t be aired because FB says whats on your mind they pour it out. I find myself thinking a little more then often …come on  keep that shit to yourself (see the potty mouth is just at my finger tips)

Just like texting it takes away your communication and the face to face interaction with a person. I don’t feel as keen to see you like i would if we weren’t chatting all day on facebook and exchanging photos. I feel like social media such as  text and snap, electronics as well.It dumbs us down as human beings it takes away the value of so many things . It creates antisocial person, in real life face to face.It doesn’t allow you the privacy of a romantic date. The pictures are already on social media buy the time your home.

Yes its connects us through computer, but it separates us from the present presence of a person.

Kids are able to turn on a app rather then sing the abc’s or answer full sentence questions. Only know the numbers when its presented on a phone. Parents think they are teaching there child because they are on abc mouse.

Another thing social media does is creates a more easier way, for people to cheat. Its like its all there and half the women are naked(hoes have no pride and will do anything for a like). majority of the boys don’t claim there gf or blocked being tagged in there pictures its just sad. Creates jealousy and much more.

With the vast amount of dating sites its easy to find a date but for that same reason might be why its hard to be in relationship or build trust in a relationship. It creates false relationships built off what a person see’s or portray rather then you getting to know them.


  1. Social media can ruin a relationship easily. You said all the reasons perfectly. It can create jealousy and also people go to any extent for getting a like. People should understand that social media is not our life and it is not even a part of our life. It is just an entertainment and we should take that easily. Ekse it can create rift between you and your partner.

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