Don’t push her away and not even realize it. When women are dating men, or weighing options, looking at the cards being put on the table, its a tone of things we factor in. I will say a few that is a repeated error, that men do. YOU WANT SOMETHING YOU PULL IT CLOSER TO YOU. ONLY THING I CAN THINK OF THAT IS COMING BACK AFTER BEING PUSHED IS A DAM SWING. PERSONALLY IM NOT FOR THE HIGH JUST TO GET LOW, THE UP AND DOWNS ARE THE THINGS EVERYONE TRY TO AVOID SO IN ORDER TO KEEP HER KEEP HER CLOSE.

OK SO first thing first getting to know us doesn’t mean you are becoming a great friend and we are going to friends zone you. We initially want you to become our best friend if we end up together. We want it to be us against the world. Being able to come to you when we have a issue, having open communication and being the first person we can tell something to is comforting to us, and helps us to not feel judged while talking to our partner. (check out video). If it’s about work, kids, friends whatever it helps us and show us you care. SO OPEN UP TO US. IT DOESN’T MAKE US FEEL LIKE YOU TRUST US AND LISTEN TO US WHEN WE TALK IT SHOWS U CARE.

ITS ALWAYS A GOOD TIME TO APOLOGIZE IF YOU MESSED UP. Its one thing to be a dick and another to be ignorant to the fact you are wrong and need to apologize. One thing i cant stand is a 100 percent all the time right person walking this earth as though  he was JESUS himself. When you’re wrong admit it. Acknowledge it before it gets old and she leaves. Don’t let the ego ruin your relationship.

THANKS FOR ADMIRING THE BEAUTY but that isn’t all a women wants to hear sorry. Beauty fades and if that’s all we can offer we know this will come to a fading end. We know it’s a million fine girls in the world and it has to be more than us then our looks. Social media are controlled off likes we don’t want likes all day from you tell us you appreciate us. Tell me how you enjoy my personality, show us  that we brought more than good look to the  table because anyone can offer that and hella people sat down with that platter in every flavor.

DON’T BE INSENSITIVE WHEN IT COMES TO NEEDS! WOMEN MAY demand a lot WE KNOW THIS. but once again acknowledging and showing some kind of concern, about the way and how we feel makes us love you a little more. when you don’t care and only worry about yourself, you come off as a selfish self-absorbed jerk lol. DON’T BE THAT WAY most women are nurturing so when it’s about you we have that caring attitude towards it. Unless you  want to be single show that you care, don’t brush it off.

IF SHE TOLD YOU THINGS BECAUSE SHE TRUST YOU DON’T THROW IT IN HER FACE! so not cool you will get left so soon its betrayal and disrespectful. Don’t tell someone something else she told you its messy and not OK. Women don’t let everyone in on a personal level, and many wont let men in due to prior failed relationships. We hear way to often that men are all the same blah blah we aren’t saying you are or we wouldn’t have trusted to tell you in the first place. We defiantly don’t want to find out if you are all the same.