Thank You Sir For the lesson and Time

I never knew what it felt like to be safe with a myself until after you. Not only am I truly physically safe with myself but my heart and soul are too. You’d ridicule me, make me question my worth or even put me down to make yourself seem taller. You taught me alot about men , dignity , business and how to dance around lies while beating around a bush. You were the most brilliant at painting vibrant pictures. Talented with the skill of persuasion and manipulation And it’s those qualities that set you apart.

I wanted to change you , accepted your darkness that you don’t see in yourself. The light at  The end of your tunnel is so bright that it’s gonna burn all the bridges you need to cross to get in to grips with reality . You don’t realize the pain you cause other people the pain you feel in your leg is not even the surface of what you cause people. Hopefully this old lady is blind to not see, or stupid and don’t have a back bone so u lay her down and walk on her like a door mat and she won’t be bothered. Or maybe she is smart and tells you you suck at money but your good with numbers , your ideas are great but your motivation is the problem . I hope she helps you realize that quiting is failure an you know that your to smart not to. Quitting is when you fail to keep going. When you fail to acknowledge it’s still more race to run. Failure is you not the problem.

I never made it easy on you either, and if I’m honest, the reason it took you so long to get the real me was that I didn’t think you wanted to see her. I judged you and therefore edited myself based on what I thought you would want to see. But I see now that it was my lingering fear that hung heavy around my shoulders that was preventing me from simply being myself.

And when I showed you me, well before that you showed me you all of you. I should have never showed you me all you did was let me down in the worst ways. Everything I did for you you did against me. You would never take my side over someone else’s, you would never kick your family out for me but I did for you and for what. To at the end wash my hands of you and wa-laa tougher skin, along side of awareness of a FUCK BOY WHO WILL SURVIVE OFF A WOMEN AND MAKE HER FEEL AMAZING AND LISTEN TO HER vent UNTIL YOUR KIDS APPRECIATE HER MORE or a FRIEND IS FEEDING YOU WHAT YOU WANT TO HEAR.

Def showed me love Is not real , jealousy is not punching holes and insecurity is a man scared to be alone so after 2 years you move on in 2 months but who was lying about what?? Unless you moved so vastly to cover the pain it was all fake from you . You must have done the same with me.

If I  could turn back the hands of time I wouldn’t try to change you although it was love for who you were . I wouldn’t change who I was or stick Shit out because in the end you can’t be changed you are who you are,and your a quitter you will always quit I shouldnt have tried to beat you at a game you were a pro in. I always admire your walk and your shoulders they made you seem so tall but it your walk and walk through life as tho you don’t fail and that’s what keeps you so strong and left me empty and heartless, your truely a WALKING MISS CONCEPTION

You taught me patience you showed me I grew as a women, and I’m proud of her. You helped shape me and I will never forget the shoe print you left and the sense of humor my girls will forever be corny for. MY FEELING WONT EVER CHANGE  although MY PERSPECTIVE HAS But a handful of ibeprophen and your numb thanks for showing me how to deal with the after effects of loved and lost.

T .R.O.N