We have been doomed as human beings by instant gratification. Society is pretty much based off of giving people instant gratification. Think of some of the things you can do today such as push a button on your car or key chain and you are ready to go. You can order your coffee from an app, skip the line and the morning chaos once you walk into your coffee shop your coffee is waiting for you. No more are children having to look up the definition and actually learning a dictionary because SIRI and HEY GOOGLE are at their fingertips.  So much has changed in the world in recent years, that it is molding this generation to be inpatient or lack patience do to the fact they don’t understand what waiting is. Disneyland you don’t stand in line for hours because you have wanted to ride this ride and you ultimately think its worth the bonding and 2.5 hour stand in line wait time. Nope just pay an extra few bucks and we can get a FAST PAST a lets go to Disneyland today although we don’t have time we can still get on majority of the rides. Everywhere you look from the kitchen to the bank you no longer have to go in, just take a picture of your check grandma sent you for xmas and its instantly in your bank account.

We get so accustomed to the fast life, the here in a second, I bet it’s a app for this problem that we apply that quick fix to every aspect of our lives. Today society doesn’t understand the concept of patience being a virtue. We don’t understand the concept of the longer you nurture something the end result is much better, lasting , and more then likely better then what we needed and wanted.

Relationships can’t be rushed. Love isn’t suppose to found in the length of a Disney movie. Speed is one of the major things known for disaster in a relationship. We don’t get a text response in 2 mins we  are upset. We aren’t getting needs met, we don’t talk about it we are on to the next. Jumping in and out of relationships isn’t going to make you happy it only gives you the momentarily satisfaction. Fast food isn’t really what we want but it’s there, its fast, its good for the time being. So if you are looking for just a time being relationship jump in the drive through and get your fix.

While approaching your next relationship consider the fact of that instant gratification is one of the things that stops us initially from our real and long term goals. Yeah I know the easy route has ruined us. Realize that you cant be reactive but should be proactive in the things we do as well as decisions we make. Start doing things thoughtfully , who you are dating, the red flags, the chemistry make sure its all there get to know them. Love isn’t mean to be a instance take your time finding it and nurturing it so it can last a lifetime.


  1. Insightful and true . Patients is something we all need to learn. Ok

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