Isn’t that some of the rudest crap you have ever heard? If you say no, what if I said coming out of a christians mouth. This is what was told to two young men who had booked a stay in a guest home in Italy.The pair who are from Naples said “they were left dismayed” after learning they were not welcome at Ciufo guest house in Calabria in southern Italy because the Catholic owners believe in “traditional families”. -via google
Since this has occurred of course they got taken off of bookit.com website . I was reading and thinking , gays and animals same category it’s a shame how people think.

It’s mind bottling how small minded people are. I’m straight but as an African American I can say I can identify, with the nastiness of people’s ignorance. Before anyone comments their own ignorance and tell me they have a choice, black people don’t, or they aren’t at a plantation. Do Me a Favor and Not COMMENT.
What links the two struggles is the quest for equality, dignity and equal protection under the law.
Yes you are tired you fought that fight and still fighting that fight. Yes we were discriminated because of our color and race. We know the feeling so we can’t sit down and let the next group go through the same because the discrimination is different or It’s based off of sexuality..
Another thing that baffles me about the whole thing the owner guy who put those two men out, insisted he did not intend to offend anyone when he told the couple: “This is important and I don’t want to appear like a troglodyte, but we don’t accept gays and dogs.” ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

This is why people stop believing , in God, religion, churches and whatever else. That is so disgusting to me .
  I like to believe I was raised in the church and I always thought A person who claims to be a Christian should demonstrate his or her belief by living the way Christ lived—doing what Christ did—and avoiding what Christ avoided. Christianity is a way of life. The disciples of Christ will follow Him and work at patterning their lives after His life. 

 Thing is I’m not always right. If you walking around owning a title of being a CHRISTIAN ACT LIKE ONE. People don’t look for church anymore because of the people in the church. Think about that next time you decide to judge and condem someone instead of be opening and welcome and if you think what there doing is wrong know your God so well that it makes that person change ..