W: I think the man should pay, but ladies always be ready for a clown to pull a trick out his sleeve.
M: the man, for the most part, should pay for dates unless he has major financial commitments

*Do traditional roles even matter anymore? Does a girl have to cook or clean at all? Do most guys still care about that stuff?
W:hmm I don’t know how to answer this because in a relationship I don’t take out trash. I think it’s the guy’s responsibility to do and check my car maintenance. I also love when a man can cook though lol
M: Roles don’t matter much; as women become more independent they separate from traditional cooking and cleaning

 *Do guys dream of weddings and babies like some women do? Or is it out of mind until you meet the one?
W: I don’t this guys think of that at all.
M: I have never dreamed of a wedding or babies but it’s not out of mind; we just don’t overthink about wedding etc
*What do you really want to do on a date?
W: I don’t want to go to the movies for sure, you don’t get to know a person or talk to a person in the movies. I want to be outdoors, I want to be somewhere I can learn something about the person I’m with.
M: I like active dates; no movies because I’ll go to sleep

W: I enjoy affection just depends where the pda is taken place. Don’t do too much in front of my family or elders, not around kids I have a few rules. I don’t mind a tug on my hand as were walking to pull me in for a peck.
M: I am one guy who does not mind affection; I did it more as a teen and enjoyed it then and now I would still display affection but not as aggressive

What makes a girl dateable versus a fling?
M: nothing a could be a fling; if you want to be seen in public with her then she’s datable
W: I would say girls that come out the club to a guy’s house probably aren’t the top of the dating list, but it’s somebody for everybody so I have not a clue

M: NO it means she is feeling you sexually or she’s horny; either way she’s comfortable with doing something and not afraid of that stigma
W: If I was a guy, I’d think about it frfr because who else and how many more has she had sex with on the first date. Was it some talking or getting to know each other first? Was this from the bar to the house? Or a long time no see ya I had a crush on you back in the day thing?

* Do you judge girls by their jobs?
M: No
W: no

*When do you tell a girl you love her?
M: I would only say that when/if I feel that
W: I tell all my YITCHES I LOVE THEM
*Can love really last a lifetime?
M: love can last a long time but you have to work at it constantly
W: that I personally believe is on the person and or the people. Like homeboy answered above me its constant work, both people have to want the same thing. You have to communicate, admit you’re wrong, apologize, keep doing what you did to get them, keep the spark, and NEVER TAKE SOMEONE FOR GRANTED OR REALIZE THE GRASS IS GREEN THEN THIS ROOM. BUT THAT’S HARD TO FIND AND PEOPLE DON’T RESPECT VALUES AND NOTHING IS OURS FOREVER LOVE IT WHILE YOU CAN.
*Why do married folks begin to look like one another?
M: good question
 *Can a marriage survive betrayal? 
M: the mines is going, no
W: I don’t think so but some people can survive it. I have a few views such as if there is no punishment or consequence why would they not do it again.
I also mention a lot of work for a relationship to work, if you feel you can survive it don’t keep bringing it up, don’t live life thinking it will happen again and don’t go looking for it.
*Why does the line you’re in always move the slowest?
M: Impatience
W: because people are freakin slow
*Why does summer zoom by and winter drag on forever?
M: maybe because ppl dread winter
W: when you’re a child it zooms by because you’re not going to school but as an adult does it?
*By what age should you know what you want to do with your life? 
M: should have a good idea at around 23/24
W: 25ish
*Where do traffic jams come from? 
M: comes from a driver that too cautious or to aggressive
W: the car in front of me breaking, hopefully because the car in front of them doing the same, of the nosey person looking at the accident like they are going to help, like everyone else has nowhere to be
Can a man and a woman ever just be friends?
M: Just friends; eventually yes I do believe that; it takes a lot of resistance from especially if they find each other attractive sexually
W: yes
 How do you know when to end a friendship?
M: When boundaries are crossed with no regard for the other
W: when they doing trifolin stuff
Why do we turn into our parents when we swore we wouldn’t?
M: learned behavior  
W: they ass was really right the whole time
When do kids become adults?
M: I feel like 21 unless one is very mature
W: when those bills hit they little ass
 Can a mother be friends with her teenage daughter?
M: only if boundaries can be maintained
W: if they understand where that line is they better not cross
Does money really buy happiness?
M: no
W: never
Can spenders and savers stay married? 
M: possibly, if they respect each other decisions and compromise
W: if they can balance and teach other
Is money the root of all evil? 
M: very much so
When should you reveal a secret you said you wouldn’t
M: only when one is comfortable with others reactions and when one is able to take criticism
W: only WHEN DRUNK LMAO…naw unless the person is in danger or something really crazy other than that STFU lol
 Why is it so hard to say you’re wrong? 
M: no one likes to be wrong

W: Because when I’m right I’m right, and when I’m wrong I could have been right, so I’m still right cause I could have been wrong ha-ha 


  1. It is very important to know eachother before getting into a relationship. Nowadays divorces are too common as people are not understanding eachother well. But there are some exceptional cases too. Still if we understand eachother many of those issues can be sorted out. Just try to keep your ego aside, and talk more to understand eachother.

  2. Thanks for explaining it in the best way possible. You described the feeling and views of a man and woman so perfectly that I don’t have anything to describe. Being a woman I can be sure that whatever you wrote is exactly true.

  3. The most problematic issue in relationship is difference in likes and dislikes. But we can’t change eachother’s likes and dislikes, we can only accept eachother if we want to. Love happens only when we are ready to accept eachother.

  4. The problem is not in man or woman. It is in the way they think. No one is ready to lose their ego to accept eachother.According to me, it is not a woman’s or man’s need to adjust. It is both of their requirement. A happy family is achieved through the adjustment of both.

  5. Even me and my husband had a lot of problems. Our marriage was love marriage but still after an year everything went upside down. There were a lot of problems between me and him. Now, everything is almost sorted and we are happy together. It was a great experience for me.

  6. I accept everything else other than paying for first date. I think man and woman should pay equally for the first date. Woman are also working just like man, so it is the right of both to pay off. You should accept eachother.

  7. There is a lot of difference between a man’s and woman’s thought which makes too much rift between them. But that’s wrong. Difference should not cause rift, difference should be removed by acception. Each and everyone should accept eachother.

  8. This was an amazing post. I really appreciate you. This can be so useful to many people, may it be a female or a male. It is very important to respect each other’s feelings. Because respect comes before love. The above data shows that everyone has different opinions. No one is wrong. It is all about accepting eachother.

  9. The main problems are clearly mentioned by you. Thanks for that. It was really useful to me. I was having some problems with my husband but after reading this, I understood that its not because of him, it’s because of the difference between our character. But now, i started accepting him. Thanks a lot.

  10. Thats really informative. Yes, I can accept that both women and men are having very much different views in almost all the things. But that cannit be changed. The problems cannot be solved even if one sacrifice. It can be sorted out only accepting each other.

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